The Rising Tide

At Nine Elms, on the south bank of the Thames in London,  you will encounter– at low tide – four amphibious stallions of stone.

The sculpture, titled The Rising Tide, was commissioned as part of the month long event, Totally Thames. The celebration of the river and its place in London’s history will be taking place during September of 2015.

The sculptures are positioned to be submerged beneath the murky  depths at high tide, then once again gradually revealed as the tide goes out.

The beautifully rendered bodies of the horses, so carefully and accurately detailed, possess eerily machine-like heads, recalling the mechanical “horse heads” of oil well pumpjacks.

Each horse has a rider, recalling the four horsemen of the apocalypse – although the apocalypse these figures foretell is an environmental, rather than a Biblical one. Two horses carry the arrogant figures of either politicians or businessmen, the other twoScultura-che-emerge-dal-Tamigi are ridden by children, representative of hope and responsibility for the future.

“This piece is about fossil fuels, which way we’re heading, and where our future lies,” says the artist behind the piece, sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.

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