Equine Zen

The horse is the symbol of energy and effort in Buddhist practice. Revered eleventh-century yogi, Milarepa, poetically illustrates the mind’s often untamedIMG_8519 potential. Surely a true dressage meditation…..

In the mountain hermitage which is my body,
In the temple of my breast
At the summit of the triangle of my heart,
The horse which is my mind flies like the wind.

He gallops on the plains of great bliss.
If he persists, he will attain the rank of a victorious Buddha.
Going backward, he cuts the root of samsara;
Going forward he reaches the high land of buddhahood.
Astride such a horse, one attains the highest illumination.

One thought on “Equine Zen

  1. Ron Richardson

    Your work deserves much more than a casual perusal, so I’m going to put off a more in-depth commentary until later in the week when I’ve had time to soak in what you’re doing here. First, I think it is a blessing to be able to artistically express that which you truly care about. Your love of horses clearly comes across in the your work. Second, your eye for the interplay of light and shadow is exceptional.

    More to come later. Thanks again for sharing the gift of your work. My day is already better for it.

    P.S. This has nothing to do with WWF and I plan to thrash you as often as possible. 🙂


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