About the Artist

 In the natural world of the horse, soul, spirit and intuition are powerful themes. This ’emotional intelligence’ of the heart is compelling and felt intensely in our human realm.


Charcoal drawing is a medium with an ancient and distinguished legacy dating back tens of thousands of years. Recognised as the world’s longest lived visual media, charcoal’s lines and forms can be rendered with robust painterly effect and with meticulous sensitivity of detail. Used in preparatory work for oil paintings, often it is these drawings that most powerfully convey emotion.

Unlike pencil or graphite, as a stick of charcoal is drawn across paper it leaves behind particles with a rough irregular shape. The resulting image is one with dramatic depths of black and a matte and velvety surface.

  Sophisticated and primitive, the power of charcoal drawing spans centuries of expression.

‘Horses make a landscape more beautiful’

– Lame Deer Seeker of Visions

Alison Burnett studied fine art at Lowestoft College of Art and Ipswich College of Art in Great Britain. She is an avid horsewoman and is a British Horse Society Horsemaster as well as a United States Dressage Federation medalist. She lives in the forest on Mount Hood in Oregon. Her Andalusian horse Louro is a constant source of inspiration.

      Alison Burnett’s work is in galleries, museums and private collections throughout the world.

‘The eternal being, as it lives in us, also lives in every animal’

– Schopenhauer